Gold Mining

Gold Claims For Sale in BC

Size of Placer Claims and Mineral Claims

Most gold claims in BC - placer and mineral - are made up of one or more "cells". Each cell is about 20 hectares - it varies depending on how far North you are. These figures are approximate...

A Cell As Far North as... Is about...
Manson Creek in the Omineca 464m x 393m 18.2 ha
Barkerville in the Cariboo 464m x 419m 19.4 ha
Lillooet on the Fraser River 464m x 442m 20.5 ha
Similkameen River at Princeton 464m x 453m 21.0 ha

Claim size is important because the amount of work or money required to renew a claim is based on size.

To add one year to the Good-To Date for a claim takes $20 worth of work per hectare or a "Cash in Lieu" payment of $40 per hectare.